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  1. Maybe I've got a different issue to everyone else? Run two identical Dell Precision desktops and one Dell laptop, office one had problems after 1803 W10 update and in the end, has to have format and new clean OS installed. That PC can install Chrome bit will only run it if ESET uninstalled. Both our consultants and ESET Tech support are stumped, both having remotely run through various fixes, including complete removal of ESET via their own tool. I've taken off any apps and programs not needed. So existing PCs can carry on with both installed but once one is reset it appears to risk this issue?
  2. Just had Chrome unable to install or operate despite several uninstalls and reinstalls, an ESET version update marker ringed in red had appeared, (my machine is on endpoint Security, 7+ user business version and never could run Chrome from a clean reset several months ago). After obediently installing the ESET update hoping that Chrome would operate and give me alternatives to I.E. and Edge, no browsers would work at all, I.E and Edge too. Our computer consultants remote-accessed by me starting in Safe Mode, when I.E would work to enable them to log onto the P.C. In Safe Mode; everything would work fine, but could only get the Browsers to go in W10 normal mode by doing a complete ESET uninstall. This has also surfaced on other Antivirus makes as well according to searches. ESET tech help followed same routine but after several clean-ups of your software, by using the removal tool in both Normal and Safe Mode, Bournemouth site managed to reinstall Endpoint Security and only Chrome fails to run and browse now
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