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  1. Ok cool. Thank you for checking, and all your help.
  2. Changed the value, and imported the file, no effect. Found this in the xml file as well: <NODE NAME="Winpopup_Enabled" TYPE="number" VALUE="0" /> Would you mind checking yours again for this value (please)...
  3. I also found this in my xml: <ITEM NAME="settings"> <NODE NAME="BackupEnabled" TYPE="number" VALUE="1" /> <NODE NAME="BackupInterval" TYPE="number" VALUE="2" /> <NODE NAME="SnapshotCount" TYPE="number" VALUE="2" /> <NODE NAME="EnableAdvancedLogging" TYPE="number" VALUE="0" /> <NODE NAME="ShowNotification" TYPE="number" VALUE="0" /> Under "ShowNotification" the value is "0" Should it not be a "1" What does your show?
  4. Unfortunately I have never exported settings before today. I did look at the one I exported, and my section under Notifications seems to looks exactly like yours: <ITEM NAME="Notifications"> <NODE NAME="DefaultNotificationMessageContent" TYPE="string" VALUE="" /> <NODE NAME="ThreatNotificationNoAutoHide" TYPE="number" VALUE="0" /> <NODE NAME="ThreatNotificationUseDefaultMessage" TYPE="number" VALUE="1" /> <NODE NAME="ThreatNotificationMessageContent" TYPE="string" VALUE="" /> </ITEM>
  5. Thank you COStark26, itman, and peteyt for your replies and help. I am going to try a fix first, and if that doesn't resolve it, uninstall & reinstall. Does anyone know if exporting your settings, also exports all your firewall rules? I have a large amount, and would hate to re-do them all again.
  6. I do not have that option under my TOOLS menu:
  7. That option for me is already enabled. I have tried disabling it and re-enabling it multiple different ways: Disabled option closed advanced setup, opened advanced setup and re-enabled option. No effect. Disabled option, closed advanced setup, restarted windows, opened advanced setup and re-enabled option. No effect. Disabled option, closed advanced setup, restarted windows, opened advanced setup and re-enabled option, closed advanced setup, restarted windows. No effect. When I accidentally disabled notifications, it was from one of the notification windows that would pop-up. Where there is an x at the top far right to close that window. Then to the left of that is a downward facing arrow, when you click on it you are given options: Manage notifications Close all notifications Disable notifications That is where I accidentally disabled notifications, if that makes any difference.
  8. I accidentally disabled The notifications I received about blocked IP addresses (and such), when using my browser. I have searched through the menus, the online help, and the forums, trying to re-enable them. I cannot find anything that works. Could someone please tell me how to re-enable them Thank you for your time. My system Windows 7 64 home premium Eset Internet security
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