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  1. Well, tried to do this: created a new policy without password, assigned directly to needed computer (now shows as policy assigned, among others). Then trying to do uninstall again, got same error about password.
  2. If policy assigned to dynamic group "Windows Computers", how I can assign policy without password protection to windows computer, seems to be it will always in that group ?
  3. Yes, it's saying something like "Error 5004. Continue to uninstall providing password". Where in Policies I can find this "Password Protection" settings ? And if Policy applied to group, could it be better if I move Computer to another group for uninstall ? What If policy applied to dynamic group ?
  4. Hello, ERA 6.5. I created uninstall task for Endpoint Security, but it's failing on all computers (win10) with error: "Task failed, try to uninstall software manually." Here is settings of the task: Name Uninstall Endpoint Security Description Task Type Software Uninstall Software uninstallation settings Uninstall Application from list Package name ESET Endpoint Security Package version 6.6.2078.5 Automatically reboot when needed Yes Targets and Triggers Trigger Description <empty> Execute ASAP Targets my1.computer.com Trigger
  5. Thanks, seems like exactly like this: endpoint security instead of endpoint antivirus. How it could be fixed centrally ? I think 5 or so computers already installed with wrong product
  6. Well, I found ELA account details and a key, but I can't activate locally - saying something like "This key is for another product". I noticed, that installation task was modified to install EAV version 6.6, but old and activated workstations use version 6.5. Does it mean the license key is only for version 6.5 ?
  7. I can't understand, where I can get license key? The licensed file we have it's a .lic file that seems like xml inside. In ERA console there is some "Public ID", but it doesn't look like key.
  8. What do you mean saying "try to activate" ? And no, we have no proxies in our enviroment.
  9. Hello, We have ESET Remote Administrator 6.5, and at some time the newly installed client workstations with Endpoint Antivirus can't be activated anymore. I created new activation task as described at ESET Support page, but it doesn't help. Any idea what could be wrong ?
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