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  1. Download and install worked for me and problem seems fixed. Thanks very much.
  2. Marcos, Thank you for the prompt reply. However, on the page of the download link I can only find version and no version 11.1...
  3. I am working with Delphi® XE2 Version 16.0.4429.46931 on windows 10 Home v.1803 and the integrated debugger hangs when debugging 32-bit applications. The fix with setting the affinity did not work for us (delphi XE2 still hangs when creating the first form) Turning of Realtime File System Protection did fix the problem. Only turning off the 'Open files' and 'Create Files' options while leaving RFSP on did fix the problem too. The last option seems to be the best solution currently available but I am not sure how much this compromises our security. We are looking at an exten
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