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  1. I apologize for the late reply. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/f6c39d9a2143036a3510c7566d40043b20200511140622/1e1e2bbfeffca5a3c6795e128372940520200511140734/c06d4b Regards,
  2. In the log with protection disabled, the ekrn.exe process had an intense CPU usage, a greater value than when protection was enabled. But perhaps it is I who do not correctly interpret the values. As for FortiClient I use it to connect to a client in VPN, I didn't know it was also an Antivirus, on the other hand I wouldn't even know how to disable it. Regards,
  3. It is not clear to me what he controlled. In the log with protection enabled, the ekrn.exe process had an intense CPU usage.
  4. Here is the link where to find the ProcessMonitor logs, one with protection enabled, the other with protection disabled. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/66ae562972a6d38fa3300d4fa4baf06020200508080526/39c9c6eb37417bc97495ba5ab3150cb520200508080845/0b14ee Regards,
  5. Attached the situation processed Process Monitor for about 20 minutes. I tried to disable all features protections. ekrn.exe is in second position, after dwm.exe Regards,
  6. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/8c62a7e01ec45c09c84b5e786856b00c20200506124038/............. Regards,
  7. Ok for diagnostics. Where do I find ESET Log Collector? Sorry, I find in FAQ Regards,
  8. I noticed that when the screensaver is active the ekrn.exe process uses a lot of CPU, in the case in example 697 seconds in a period of about 15 minutes. Together with the ekrn.exe process, the dwm.exe process also uses a lot of CPU. Regards,
  9. Thanks for the reply, the problem has not been solved but I think it is not an ESET problem. Regards,
  10. I find, in the event log, errors of this type, 2696 is the process id of ekrn.exe Regards, LittleWave
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