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  1. Thank you for your help. I created 2 dynamic groups, one for outedated Agent and the other for outdated AV, and I assigned to the first group the task for component update and to the second the one for software install, I am confident thanks to your help that monday every ERA agent and every product will be up to date. Have a nice Weekend and thanks again
  2. Thank you it worked for me, if I understood well, when ever I have an alert for virus signature database out of date, a simple update modules in the context menu of a computer will resolve the problem, and if it is a product outedated I have to create a task to install the new version. I am looking to update the ERA gent for some computers, is there a task to do this from ERA console? and if I have both the agent and the product out of date, is there a sequence to follow for exemple update the agent before the product? Thank you
  3. I have the antivirus outdated, so I did an update modules, but still the antivirus outdated. Is there something I should do to update the antivirus
  4. I'am new to ERA console, in witch I have some Workstations with this alert: Virus signature database is out of date Is there a task I can run from ERA to update Virus signature database in those hosts Thank you for your help
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