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    robg gave kudos to Zoltan Endresz in Endpoint Antivirus - requirement to reboot after update?   
    Hi Thomas, 
    My solution is the following:
    1.:  - I created a dynamic group for collect the computers with error message "Restart required" :

    2.:  - Then I defined a CRON triggered task for send a pop-up window message into the affected computers:
    "Hello Collegue, please restart your computer as soon as possible because an ESET software update...bla..bla" or something like this
    You can configure the CRON for example launch the message hourly, every 10 minutes or as you want  
    It works pretty fine
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    robg gave kudos to Marcos in Restore default client tasks   
    In the panel above you see client and server tasks that you've run recently or in the past. If you didn't run any task, the list would be empty. If you run a new task, it should appear in the list.
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    robg gave kudos to Marcos in 7.3.2036 Guidance   
    There is a difference between updates when a reboot is mandatory (e.g. when protection will malfunction after upgrade) which is indicated in red and when a reboot is recommended (indicated by the yellow notice). The thing is when drivers change the old ones stay loaded until the next restart and old drivers and new service and binaries may not play nice together, especially if there is a difference in the major version (5,6 vs 7) or if substantial changes were made under the hood (legacy versions up to v7.2 vs 7.3 with changes in internal communication due to changes in Windows 10).
    However, the machine won't restart automatically, especially not if the notice is yellow.
    When the so-called microPCU program updates become available, this won't be an issue anymore since updates will be installed after a computer restart.
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    robg gave kudos to JoeC in upgrade to 7.3.2032 - computer gets shut down after scheduled scan   
    I want to add to this that this also happened to me on two computers that I was testing the upgrade on where it immediately performed a scan after the upgrade was completed and promptly shut down the computers. The event log confirmed it was an ESET-initiated shutdown after a scan completion. This is the same as the others have reported, but not a scheduled task, and not on demand, but immediately after the upgrade. Being located 1700 miles away from the office, and during a pandemic where no one else is in the office on a regular basis, it took a full week to get someone in there to turn these computers on. Fortunately, they were computers that were not in use by anyone, so were perfect candidates for this upgrade. Of course, I can't risk updating any other computers to 7.3 until this is confirmed as resolved.
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    robg gave kudos to Marcos in Client Agents not updating from 7.0.577.0 to 7.1.717.0 with   
    We are currently debugging the issue. Most likely we will be able to address it via an automatic HIPS module update.
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