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  1. Can they download it directly through a web browser from one of the computers having a problem? or remote in and do invoke-webrequest in powershell ? https://support.eset.com/en/kb332-ports-and-addresses-required-to-use-your-eset-product-with-a-third-party-firewall?
  2. Maybe under Peer Certificates in ESMC or a report maybe
  3. Had the same thing where the htcacheclean wasn't running on the proxy and it filled up, initially expanded the disk but cleaning the cache is better service htcacheclean status systemctl enable htcacheclean service htcacheclean start https://help.eset.com/era_deploy_va/64/en-US/index.html?enable_apache_http_proxy.htm and then wait for an hour or so maybe to see if it cleans the proxy cache.
  4. ESET PROTECT (Server), Version 8.1 (8.1.2209.0) ESET PROTECT (Web Console), Version 8.1 ( Copyright (c) 1992-2021 ESET, spol. s r.o. All Rights Reserved. End-user license agreement CentOS (64-bit), Version 7.9.2009 Trying to create an installer for a Mac but the list of installers to create when selecting Product/Version is empty for Mac, Android and Linux. Only have Windows installers now. Clearing filters makes no difference. This is after I have been running the >service htcacheclean start
  5. Not seen any attempts yet that I can find, biggest risk for us would be someone inside the organisation deciding to try it as an elevation of their domain authenticated account so will have a look for that.
  6. Was looking around and think it can attempt to infect desktops, attacker creates a share and then tells the remote computer to install the driver, which the remote computer does despite the user not having privileges to do so and the dll runs as system. https://doublepulsar.com/zero-day-for-every-supported-windows-os-version-in-the-wild-printnightmare-b3fdb82f840c
  7. https://us-cert.cisa.gov/ncas/current-activity/2021/06/30/printnightmare-critical-windows-print-spooler-vulnerability Not expecting it to do so as the OS is at fault but will ESET have any mitigation/protection against this on Win 10 Desktops or is it even possible? Thanks
  8. Will it automatically reboot straight away with automatic update?
  9. Hi With the new update noticed it needs a reboot again, but it isn't a major update? will there be a time when this isn't required for minor or maybe even major updates. Also how risky is it to update and the leave the reboot for out of hours. Noticed some computers only recommended a reboot others say it must be rebooted, hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/ees/windows/v8/8.0.2039.0/ees_nt32.msi.changelog.html
  10. Thanks Have turned it off, not sure it was on previously but cleared the cache. Disk size has stayed constant since then at about 40GB 40.9 GiB used / 69.14 GiB free / 110.04 GiB total
  11. Couldn't tell really, searches for large files seemed to halt and never complete. In the end I fond a guide and resized it for now. Tried running the HTTP cache clean-up but didn't make any difference for me Found a guide here https://turbofuture.com/computers/resizelinuxfilesystem had to use xfs_growfs instead of resize2fs fdisk -l fdisk /dev/sda n p 3 w shutdown - r now fdisk -l df -h We want to increase the size of /dev/mapper/vg_redhat-lv_root. pvcreate /dev/sda3 vgdisplay vgextend vg_redhat /dev/sda3 vgdisplay lvextend -l +12789 /dev/mapper/vg_redhat-lv_root resize2fs /dev/mapper/vg_redhat-lv_root (or xfs_growfs) df -h
  12. Hello, We have the ESET Virtual Appliance running on Hyper-V https://help.eset.com/esmc_deploy_va/70/en-US/donwload_a_virtual_appliance.html?deployent_on_hyperv.html . It's reporting that the file system mounted at / has no free space on the webmin page, the VHD is a dynamically expanding disk Is there a way to expand the root folder, I presume that's the one it means. ESET PROTECT (Server), Version 8.0 (8.0.2225.0) ESET PROTECT (Web Console), Version 8.0 ( Copyright (c) 1992-2021 ESET, spol. s r.o. All Rights Reserved. End-user license agreement CentOS (64-bit), Version 7.9.2009 System hostname **********(192.*.*.*) Operating system CentOS Linux 7.9.2009 Webmin version 1.973 Authentic theme version 19.73 Time on system Friday, April 30, 2021 9:06 AM Kernel and CPU Linux 3.10.0-1160.24.1.el7.x86_64 on x86_64 Processor information Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v3 @ 2.30GHz, 1 cores System uptime 2 minutes Running processes 153 CPU load averages 2.38 (1 min) 3.21 (5 mins) 1.50 (15 mins) Real memory 1.96 GiB used / 1.15 GiB cached / 4.66 GiB total Virtual memory 0 bytes used / 3.87 GiB total Local disk space 40.21 GiB used / 19.8 GiB free / 60.02 GiB total Package updates 29 package updates are available Warning! Warning! The 40 GiB filesystem mounted at / has only 137.68 MiB of free disk space
  13. Wanted to avoid having them coming back to school but might be the only way. It hasn't occurred on any other machines so far.
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