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  1. Querying target system called: aserver Attempting to resolve name to IP address... Name resolved to querying... TCP port 2221 (unknown service): LISTENING If I do a netstat -a -b: TCP AServer:0 ABHÖREN [EHttpSrv.exe]
  2. No, does not help. As already said I've been through all the known FAQs.
  3. It's running on port 2221. The mirror directory is populated with update files. But a simple test with hxxp://server:2221/update.ver returns no data.
  4. Hi, I'm a long time ESET user and moved ERA 5.1.34 from a SBS 2008 to a 2012 R2 Essentials Server. Everything is working except that all Clients can't download any updates. I went through all troubleshootings and FAQs, verified Firewall Settings and permission, reinstalled ERA Server, no luck. Is there any known incompatibility with Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials? The log shows that unspecific Problem with reconfiguration: [2013-11-12 08:56:47.110] V1 [5281df070000] [00002780] <INIT_INFO> Reloading server configuration [2013-11-12 08:56:47.204] V1 [5281df070000] [00002780] <HTTPSERVER_INFO> unregistering mirror server [2013-11-12 08:56:47.204] V1 [5281df070000] [00002780] <HTTPSERVER_INFO> registering mirror server [2013-11-12 08:56:47.204] V2 [5281df070000] [00002780] <HTTPSERVER_ERROR> Problem with reconfiguring mirror server after configuration initialization. Regards Martin
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