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  1. you'd still need admin rights. also with windows firewall. Maybe I have to think about it another way, like prohibiting the exe file to start.
  2. My son loves Fortnite a bit too much and now with school at home where he needs access to his computer he plays while in class. Atm. I placed a firewall rule and Fortnite can't connect. But I don't want to go all the time to his PC and enable/disable the rule. So I wrote a small windows service (that also can control when he can login, how long he can use the PC and stuff) and want to add now, that I remotely (from my cellphone for ex.) I can give him permission to play Fortnite a certain amount of time. So the rule should deactivated by command line from my service and after that time activat
  3. I'm also having the problem, I hope the fix will come soon, as I don't like turning off the RTFP all day long.
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