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  1. Can somebody help me PLEASE? I bought paid a subscription for eset mobile phone security yesterday. I obviously did something wrong when I was fiddling with antitheft function earlier today. Now my phone is TOTALLY LOCKED and I can't use it. I need it for business...my clients have NO WAY to reach me. The person I assigned to unlock my phone via email has not received any directions from eset support. I have not received any emails about this despite sending two emails via my eset account requesting support. My phone chirps from time to time asking me to enter my security code. I have done so MULTIPLE TIMES BUT NOTHING HAPPENS. I cannot click on the reset password link or on the settings link. I cannot do anything with my phone. It is locked and I want it unlocked IMMEDIATELY please. I am reluctant to open my phone and remove the battery to see if this resolves my issue because I fear that everything on my phone will be erased. I have photos and videos related to my work, which I have not backed up. I am very upset. PLEASE HELP!!!
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