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  1. my eset internet security delete my software advanced systemcare pro 11 please help me
  2. thanks marcos If I remove the tick potentially unwanted applications eset internet security My system is not endangered? way esle is?
  3. my antivirus delete my software advanced systemcare 11 why ? advanced systemcare 11 is virus? help me
  4. to: marcos: Hi, do not worry me at all I email the company Eset and sent my email to eset China and eset china sent for one email and they resolve my problem I connected to China support eset they support me oky My anti virus works well and its update is timely I have no problem Do not bother yourself anymore goodbaye
  5. hello this email sent for me 您好;感谢您的支持 我们是eset,可以麻烦把您的问题用中文描述吗,谢谢 support@version-2.com.cn
  6. hello Some time ago, I came across an email for me. I'm afraid to answer. I said, maybe I'm hacked I got an email now. They answered me just one problem. They are Chinese I translated Google my problem resolve thanks Thanks again have a nice day
  7. hello Some time ago, one of my friends who went to China for a mission had a three year eset internet security 11 2018 license for me by post sent I have activated my eset internet security 11 with license my sent me and eset internet security active and and I'm using it and its credibility is 3 years my friend said my this i sent for you i buy that %100 orginal and I'm using it But I do not have any email I do not have any support from the company eset Do i have a way? thanks
  8. Why eset internet security 11 Initial Scan ...... It takes a lot of time for about 40 minutes?
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