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  1. I think I have this issue on my Kindle HD10. Every now and then Anti-phishing turns itself off and it tells me to go to the Kindle's settings to Approve ESET. When I do ESET is already approved. I turn off the approval and then turn it on again and the anti-phishing works again for about half a day before the same thing happens.
  2. I have ESET mobile on my Kindle HD10. I believe that, until recently it's been working OK (I'm not that sure, it may have been wrong for sometime). The issue is that, from time to time (maybe a couple of times a day) when I go into ESET it tells me that the Anti-phishing is not turned on and that I need to Approve it. When I hit the approve button it takes me into the Kindles settings and the ESET approval setting is turned on. If I turn it off and on again the anti phishing starts working again. I do not know why it's turning itself off nor why the Kindle says it's approved by ESET t
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