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  1. Its so weird. I don't have any problems at all. Maybe its your internet connection problem perhaps.
  2. Eset is one of the best AV products, but no AV product can protect against nonreplicating malware which has never been seen before. Much of today's malware falls into that category, often being spread by way of spoofing users into installing fake 'updates.' The flood of updates is in turn mainly created by the security issues with C and SQL. And, to a lesser extent, by Javascript XSS issues. You might find this applet helpful in preventing spoof attacks. It basically stops executables from being launched in typical browser download folders, and unlike UAE, it can't be absentmindedly OK'd to. (and since it's on sourceforge I think it can be assumed it's not a spoof!) Totally agree and thanks for your information. Yesterday is really unlucky for me. I downloaded a patch for a game from non official website and that's why I got infected.
  3. Nowadays, there is no 100% safe place in the cyber world. What we can do is protect ourselves by several ways like choosing a good AV product. In my opinion, Eset is doing almost prefectly. Yesterday my notebook was infected by Ramnit A virus, which is a very dangerous virus. It can create backdoor for the devices and it spread very fast. Luckly I have Eset, it detected and quaranteen most of it otherwise I have to re-format my notebook again. So don't blame Eset anymore. Its not Eset's fault! Other forums also experienced this incident as well. What I can say is the hacker is too inteligent but he uses in the wrong way.
  4. Wow, I guess I'm really outdated with NOD 32 since I've been using Smart Security for many years and really don't know anything about NOD 32.
  5. I forgot to mention that my FB account had been hacked once. Therefore I really need the Media Social Scanner to prevent this happen again and this another reason I choose Smart Security. BTW thanks Arakasi for correcting me.
  6. I use online banking a lot therefore I need an AV with a very strong anti-phishing feature (Smart Security is the best) to protect my privacy and prevent logging into suspicious websites accidentally. Its totally up to you.
  7. I did like I described in 2. Then try reinstalling the game when the ESs is disabled. Add the whole folder to the exclusion it and then enable ESS once its done. Another thing is add all the .exe file as trusted application (both sides). I have an application which have the same issue, this method works for me but not 100% guarantee.
  8. You can try adding the game as a trusted application/ rule under Configure rules and zones there. If this doesn't work, try uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it when ESS is disabled. After that add the whole folder to the exclusion list and enable ESS once again.
  9. Both NOD 32 and Smart Security has only one version and there are completely support both 32 bit and 64 bit OS. I'm using Smart Security 7 in WIndows 7 Home Premium 64bit while my friend is using 32bit. I don't see any difference between 32 bit and 64 bit.
  10. ESET Uninstaller does solve the problem. However, when I restore to the previous point, Eset is malfunction and I need to reinstall and update it again. Since my internet connection has the usage limit, installing and updating Eset will eat up my usage and this is not I want. When I have option to do system restore to solve my problem, this is the easiest way but not the only option I have.
  11. I hope Eset can make the system restore a lot easier in the future. Recently my system has a minor problem and I wish to do a system restore to fix it. However I failed to do so due to the Eset prevents the Registry to be changed or edited. The good thing is Eset has done its job by protecting the Registry for being changed or edited. The bad thing is there may have some exception cases like me that wish to preform a system restore but it is prohibited by Eset. Therefore I felt a little inconvenience with this. Maybe Eset can do something to improve it, like creating its own restore point? Well, this is just my opinion only,
  12. No, I'm in Malaysia. Just forget about it, its only a minor problem in my system. Maybe this is a new idea for the future improvement for eset.
  13. As long as the ESS in my system, the problem still there. Even I uninstall it and do system restore, there is no guarantee that it will success since ESS already installed at the restore point.
  14. I tried but still have the error code 0x8007005(something like that) after restart.
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