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  1. I hope Eset can make the system restore a lot easier in the future. Recently my system has a minor problem and I wish to do a system restore to fix it. However I failed to do so due to the Eset prevents the Registry to be changed or edited. The good thing is Eset has done its job by protecting the Registry for being changed or edited. The bad thing is there may have some exception cases like me that wish to preform a system restore but it is prohibited by Eset. Therefore I felt a little inconvenience with this. Maybe Eset can do something to improve it, like creating its own restore point? Well, this is just my opinion only,
  2. I appreciate that Eset is putting a lot of efforts to make it flawless product. I just joined this forum a couple days ago and I saw some posts that Eset may still having some bugs. I know it is just invidual case but new users may worry that Eset has lot of bugs and lose confidence with Eset. By the way I'm having a good time with Eset Smart Security. What I meant is I wish that when Eset should lauch an update to fix some known bugs which Eset is currently doing or create a bug report topic to let users report bugs and solve it permanatly ( I know that this is quite imposiible to have a perfect product which satisfy everyone because bugs appear from time to time and every bugs is differ from others), FInal words, I love Eset and thats why I want Eset to be better.
  3. I think Eset should include a product updates to solve various problems facing by some users after upgrading to a newer version. I read sevaral posts regarding to problems after upgrading to v7. Eset should pay more attention to these users otherwise they will change to other AV products and give negative comment to Eset as well.
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