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  1. Hello, Am trying to disable Bitlocker on a Windows 10 64-bit OS , then install ESET Encryption. Though am receiving an error " incorrect function" , any assistance would be appreciated.
  2. I have experienced the same error on a clients HP Pavillion x360 (Windows 64-bit) which has a managed EFDE installed from ESET PROTECT; I ran the recovery data and create the ESET media recovery creator but upon booting the machine with the recovery USB drive ; unfortunately I cannot manage to boot, it brings up an error "disk enumeration failed" ; and there's no alternative option to change from RAID to AHCI on this machine. And i dont want to rebuild the OS again.
  3. I have currently observed from clients endpoints while using ESET Endpoint Security - Latest version 7.1 causes 100% HDD and Resources utilization ,hence slows down normal user experience. When we uninstall ESET from the affected PCs, the Utilization runs down to 2%, has anyone else experienced this currently, advise?
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