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  1. Recently i migrated from esets 4.5.15 to EFS 7.1.247 on one of my 2 HA servers that are doing HA via drbd and corosync / pacemaker. After the migration i got rung up at night as the EFS box claimed to see timeouts on the internal network connection and was not able to handle the HA anymore (so it tried to shift the services over to the other node). Trying to login via SSH i also revceived a timeout. Only thing that helped was a hard reboot of the box. The OS is a debian 10 (latest). Going into the forensics, i got the following loglines: This is what i go
  2. We can reproduce the issue. Issue: Forwarding a "foreign" mail to another mail hoster (gmail) sent an empty E-Mail (empty header / empty body) Following steps taken: - Disable ESET Addin in Outlook --> worked - Disabled MAil Filter --> did not work - Disabled Mail & Spam detection --> worked - Disabled Spam detection --> did not work - Disabled "add recipient from outgoing address" worked fine We do have DKIM & S/MIME enabled in our environment Thoughts: - maybe a DKIM isse (or in relation with S
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