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  1. Not blaming ESET - but it is a problem for ESET caused by Google (surprise surprise) - it is also a problem for Google, and for us - the end users! Your concept of switching browsers is great for those who can fulfill their role just using one browser but if clients use multiple browsers (and they always will) it is necessary to also use the same browsers to check how they are seeing / using things. So, saying switch to Firefox simply doesn't work - we already use Firefox (and Chrome, and Edge and Opera and so on). As for removing the AV - no it can't happen. And, in time, if Google persist in their approach Chrome will hopefully die a death but until it drops considerably in market share we will have to find a way around the problem and part of that solution will hopefully come from the innovative guys at ESET who have proved to be pretty good so far! I hope that they get their act together before the other AV suppliers as I would like to stick with ESET. But if someone else comes up with a workable solution I will jump from ESET to them - hence it becomes a problem for ESET if lots of people do that. Blame doesn't help anyone - needs some creative genius and/or some collaboration between Google and ESET (&/or the AV suppliers) to address this issue.
  2. Yes, despite having used Eset for years - if it comes to a toss up between abandoning Chrome or Eset afraid it is Eset which will go. Definitely Eset's problem - even if the solution is out of their hands!
  3. I also have this issue Chrome version Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit) Eset Internet Security Version Windows 10 Pro (64-Bit) V 10.0.17134
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