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  1. If the http proxy is enabled I would check the size of the cache folder and eventually empty it.
  2. looks like an extension. I would reset the browser and check if the detection still occurs.
  3. version 3.4 is available here: https://www.xednaps.com/2018/05/06/wmilister/ I don't know what the latest version should be though. Anyway, it worked for me a couple of times.
  4. I believe ESET Protect VA is based on CentOS 7 which will be supported till june 2024.
  5. There will be a gui in the final version? Also, I'm currently testing Sophos anti-virus for linux on my computer. What would be the strenghts of ESET Endpoint compared to that product (apart from better detection capability, I guess)?
  6. Hello, just out of curiosity, what are the advantages of using a proprietary kernel module instead of fanotify?
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