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  1. Hi, I'd like to request : 1) Built-in anti-malware, if not auto scan then atleast a built-in tool that can be manually run 2) PC tuner which will will delete obsolete files and registry such as left over after installing/uninstalling softwares, files and registry no longer in use or linked to any program, other junk such as cookies, temporary internet files etc 3) A manual tool to restore default host file, clear prefetch files, clear proxy settings in case they are set by a malware, clear page file / hibernation file. 4) Boot time / native scan where the system is scanned for viruses after post but before operating system is completely loaded. This will help to eliminate infections that cannot be removed when the operating system is running. I understand so many features may convert Eset to a heavier software while at the moment it is light weight. But I trust the developers will handle this.
  2. Unfortunately, this cannot be solved on Windows XP without changing the way Tally software works with files. To add with, it worked when I restarted in safe mode (AV does not load there) Is required to be done once at the end of financial year, so its not a major problem to be dealt with IMO.
  3. I am having the same problem. Got Nod32 latest version installed and receiving this error when splitting the company using Tally.
  4. Since previous releases, there's been two annoying features in nod32 and smart security: 1) There is no way to stop startup scan once it's started. Of course you can schedule it or remove from the schedule list so that it won't run ever. But the startup scan is an essential scan that should be done at least once or twice a day. Its sometimes anoying that you can't cancel/stop this scan when you are doing some important work and this scan is eating a lot of memory / your work is inurrupted for some reason. 2) When you insert a USB storage device, the scan starts automatically. For some reason, you don't want that drive to be scanned or it is taking too long to complete the scan you wan't to abort it so that you can use that usb device elsewhere to continue some important work or some one is waiting for that usb device so that he can take it. You try to abort the scan, the scan refuses to pause / stop unless it finishes scanning that one particular file. I am not comparing the above with 'other' security softwares as according to me these 'other' software have no comparison with the best Eset technology. I have been using Nod32 since the year 2000 and I can understand how much the above problems have annoyed me in the past.
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