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  1. Hi @VlP This is actually entended behavior by Microsoft. Windows Defender Security Center and Windows Security Center do not exist in the same state as in non-server products. They basically exist to show the status of Windows status, and not that of your actual provider. The same issue exists in Windows 2016. Sadly at the current time, there is nothing we can do as this is not an issue on our side, and will happen with any third-party security solution. Regards, Shane
  2. Perhaps I can give some insight into this. @TomFace Occasionally, the Security Center service can take some time to initialize after a reboot (I've noticed it can take slightly longer after updates). I've personally seen this range from 30 seconds up to nearly 15 minutes. As long as the service isn't running, we are are in the "waiting to register state". This is why despite how many times you may restart, you will still see this issue, as each reboot means the service will have to start again. That is also why occasionally after reboots (relating to your 1 out of 10 mention). There is
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