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  1. That's the one. Same as I received. Phil is correct in that if you click on "extra benefits" link, the browser opens at a page offerring Eset Smart Security, but nowhere on that page does it mention a free upgrade. I figured that the program was clever enough to know that I was using an ESS license and was therefore prompting me about the upgrade that would, for me, be free. Unless Phil is in the same scenario as myself, running EAV using an ESS license, then I guess my original post is completely valid in that despite suggestions I did not understand the subscription model, if running EAV and the program is prompting the user regarding a free upgrade to ESS, a different product with different pricing, it's surely reasonable for the user to expect to be able to migrate from EAV to ESS for free as indicated by the software itself?
  2. There's an apology coming... So I'm using NOD32 Anti Virus 7.0.302.0, it is already the latest version. Upon receiving the desktop prompt, which was offering Eset Smart Security as a free upgrade, that didn't appear to be free at all, I jumped on my soapbox, megaphone in hand... The truth is, for me, it would be a free upgrade because I have a three year ESS license. So, I apologise for the noise and will get back in my pram! I use NOD32 AV because Smart Security gave more trouble than I was willing to troubleshoot, and at renewal time, there's no path to downgrade, and the ESS renewal fee is still cheaper than a new NOD32 subscription. Boy, I sure wish I'd sussed all that out before wasting everyone's time with this... deary me!
  3. I find this quite disappointing, not because I'm looking for something for free, but because I've always thought Eset above this kind of behaviour. I have been an Eset customer for around ten years now and have never seen these practices adopted before. The desktop prompt indicates that the upgrade is free. If a user keeps blind faith and clicks the install button, you're answer suggests that they would not receive a free upgrade, rather a free 30 day trial, after which, they would be pressed for an upgrade fee. That is not free. I am surprised that a company I have come to respect and recommend to others should choose this rather dubious, bordering on the deceptive, way of generating revenue from customers.
  4. This evening, I receive a prompt from NOD32 regarding a free upgrade to a better version, with an install button, a remind me later button, and a 'learn more' link in the blurb. Clicking that 'learn more' link takes me to the Eset Smart Security product page, where the only visible option is a 30 day free trial. My question is, is this a free upgrade offer as the prompt on my desktop suggests, or free as in '30 day trial' as the webpage suggests? Marko.
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