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  1. I wrote the initial post for this topic (above). Decided to call Apple tech support and got an easy fix. Simply close all applications, shut down my computer, unplug everything including the power cord, wait 20 sec, plug everything back in and start up the computer. Voila! The Dock looks normal again! Whew.
  2. I just upgraded to Mavericks on my Mac and then got a notice from ESET that a new version of the program was available. Assuming it was meant for Mavericks upgraders like me, I downloaded and installed the upgrade. It didn't cost anything to do, however now my Dock no longer works. It is a mess. Every ikon but the calendar and Lightroom has been replaced with little blocks of grayed out text that I can't read. It is basically useless. I didn't realize how important the Dock was until it wasn't available. Has anyone else had this issue? I'd say this is partly my fault because I probably didn't read the small print, it just looked like ESET knew I upgraded to Mavericks because the new program was such a major install, not just a small update like usual. My mistake. Anybody know a solution? ESET? I'm going to go back in time using Time Machine so I can undo the damage (hopefully) unless someone has a solution. This is a rotated view of my dock.
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