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  1. @MichalJ 4. correct, managing the outcome of the individual scan, and create a nicer/ professional report, from ERA would be very nice and helpful to provide my customers reports of scans.
  2. @MichalJ where my answers clear enough? hope you ca answer my questions. (forgot to quote your name)
  3. Hi Michal, right, the goal of my question is if it would be possible in future versions to have a dashboard that provide all tasks running at that moment, with also the progress showing. Sometimes you have to wait till a task is finished before you can start something else. Pushing the refresh button isn't user friendly and it would really help if you could see the progress in real time. great! when will V7 be available? and how can I upgrade to this version? any site where we can see the new added features? That would be really great. If gives me more the opportunity to show my, and the ESET products, added value to my customers. It isn't a web service. A customer delivers a harddrive at our data center. We connect it to a 'sandbox like' machine with ESET protection running. Then we start doing scans. If there are no threats, the data is moved to the environment of our customer in the data center. To show the customer we have scanned his data, the result included, we would like to show him a professional report of the scan. The 'sandbox like' machine, or offline at that moment, will get back online after the scan and will get back in synch with the ERA. So it would be great if the report can be seen/ imported by ERA and send to the customer.
  4. Description: Overview of all running and planned tasks Detail: It would be really great if ERA would provide a dashboard kind of feature that shows all planned and currently running tasks. Now I have to open the details of a client or server to see if the task is running. If this can be made, a progress bar and/ or percent of the task would be very helpful! If multiple tasks are running, and I have to wait till it's finished to start a new job, but have to push the refresh button multiple times, it costs a lot of time for each machine. Description: Overview of all problems Detail: It would be great if ERA could provide another dashboard kind of feature that shows a list of all current problems, like what machines need OS updates, or module update, having license issues etc. It would even be better if we could start a task right out of that notification line. Now we first have to open the machine details, check what the alert or issue is and then start a task to solve this issue. Description: (professional) report for customers Detail: One of my services is 'Managed Security'. In this case I provide Security solutions for several customers. I want to report to my customers what actions I (automated and manually) have done to keep the machines of my customers save and up to date. So a kind of logging, but readable for customers, and if possible scheduled to send by email (if possible, set by client group). Things like installed OS updates (when did the update ran and what was the result etc), updates of ESET modules, how the ESET product has protected the machine (blocked threats etc). Description: (professional) report for scheduled or instant scanning Detail: one of my services is receiving data, place it on a offline location, scanning the data for viruses and moving it to a production environment. For this kind of work I would like to give my customer a professional report. How many files where scanned, what was the version of the virus database, and all things that would help to make it more professional. Also it would help if this detailed report can be send by email from ERA after the machine gets back online, so that the result of the scan is saved at the client or server and reachable by the ERA.
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