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  1. Thanks, but I have no idea how to do that. Hunted high and low on the Eset web site, only contact given in my sign-up emails from Eset is support.eset.com and that only leads to a pile of pre-set answers to a stuffing of pre-set questions. This is probably not worth the effort ...
  2. My son is complaining that Eset Parental Control is causing a battery drain on his Samsung J1. (Samsung SM-J100H) It uses as much as 23%! That is nearly triple what Whatsapp uses and Screen is the only one that uses more. This doesn't seem right. I imagine it is also slowing his phone down. See attached message from my son. Can anyone suggest any solutions other than to uninstall and find another parental control app? That would be a pity. Apart from that dumb cartoon character we though it worked well.
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