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  1. Exclusions not Working !

    ....... I tried to run the script in Powershell, but couldn't get it to work. Then I tried it in CMD and it executed just fine, no thread warning at all .......
  2. Exclusions not Working !

    ....... interesting indeed.
  3. Exclusions not Working !

    ....... I didn't try it. If you want to check it out here the batch command attached as a txt file ....... Clear_Event_Viewer_Logs.txt
  4. Exclusions not Working !

    ....... sorry, my mistake. I didn't look properly to notice that the thread warning came from \AppData\Local\Temp\ After importing my old settings file again it seems that the exclusion for this folder is working again like before - I don't know what I did wrong the 1st time. Before when I tried to execute the BAT file from my software folder I got a thread warning, not anymore - Eset is excepting my exclusion again. I'm sorry for the confusion I caused and thanks a lot to all you guys taking the time to look into this .......
  5. Exclusions not Working !

    ....... I used the Eset Log Collector in default mode (log collector mode: filtered binary) and got an error. Operation logs are attached to this message as well as the eav_logs.zip which was created with warnings (log collector mode: original binary from disk). Here the requested screenshot: Operation Log (Filtered Binary).txt Operation Log (Original Binary From Disk).txt eav_logs.zip
  6. ....... I'm on the latest ESET NOD32 ANTIVIRUS which is a new installation and I imported my saved settings into the application. Now my exclusions are not respected anymore, I deleted them and re-added them without any change. Here an example of an exclusion which I had working for many years without any issues: G:\Software\*.* If I now execute a program or a certain BAT file which is in one of the sub folders I get a thread warning (false positive by the way). Hopefully someone here can help me sort this out and get the exclusions working as they used to .......