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  1. Certificate is invalid

    Thanks Marcos, I solved this problems because on ERA console contains policy which have old certificate (expired). I had deleted this policy and re-deploy agent, then it work.
  2. I have some problems when re-deploy agent eset: My server and peer certificate have already expired, and then i created new server/peer certificate with same CA. First I change server certificate on admin/ Server Settings / change certificates -> restart machine (where Eset remote administrator server is installed). Next, I created configuration file (.ini) via deploy on console and downloaded agent_x64 (.ini file and agent_x64 are located same folder). Next i ran agent_x64, when process was completed, I saw on console new agent was added (successfully) but after 5 - 10 seconds I saw error for new agent is: Certificate is invalid. Please help me that problems, Thanks
  3. Replace Expired Certificate

    Yeah, i have tried run as domain admin and local admin. With All in one ERA tool, I must go to each client to run tool to deploy (It not easy, more than 150 client). And this case I want to re-deploy on client which have already exited ERA agent and expired cert
  4. Replace Expired Certificate

    It show that, but if i use all in one tool, I can remove agent, can you explain me how to redeploy agent, at company have a lot of agent client and I want to i can re-deploy for all client from my DC (server), Thanks
  5. Replace Expired Certificate

    Hi MichalJ, I have tried using GPO to deploy Agent but I have new problems: - If I want re-deploy I must uninstall remote administrator agent first, then i re-install, but i don't have permission to uninstall (I tried run as domain admin, local admin). Could you please help me how to uninstall already existed remote administrator agent? Thanks
  6. Replace Expired Certificate

    So i solved this problems with download agent .msi and file .ini (created by web console) then i will use GPO of windows server to deploy. But i will try it on tomorow, when i work back. Thanks ^^
  7. Replace Expired Certificate

    I got it. Thanks for your support, Edgar.
  8. Replace Expired Certificate

    Hi Marcos, your mean is re-deploy on client computer? So I want to deploy to all computer from server (web console), can I do it?
  9. On my ERA Server, Certificate is expired and then i create new certificate but I don't know how to apply new certificate to client from server? I have tried Policy but it did'nt apply policy to client (computer) because certificate is expried. Thanks