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  1. Hi. My son wasn't using his phone/tablet when an email alert came that he needs more time. I signed in and checked, he hasn't used any of the allowed time yet today. This is not the first time when this happen, I'm starting to lose trust. Please attend to this bug. Thanks
  2. It's not possible. You can only limit the cumulative usage time of the applications marked as Fun and Games. In my opinion more versatile control is needed.
  3. Hi, I set browser apps as "fun and game". However kids are smart and they find other means. For example you can watch and browse youtube videos from within Viber. I don't want to limit Viber, I think it is important for my kid to keep in touch with his mates the whole day. So I wish to make anything from youtube.com (or any other site chosen by me) not accessible if fun and game time is exhausted. From any app, even in the Appropriate category. Is this possible? Before you say they would find other means, I know. This is something my kid asked me to do. He himself is disturbed by how much time he spends with his phone. I installed ESET on his request, so I'm not a control freak, I just want to help him when he asks for help. Thanks.
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