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  1. I spoke to Patrick via PM but unfortunately could not get a solution for this issue. Can anyone help please???
  2. Almost 80 views and no one can explain why ESET CORPORATE solutions fails with these notifications...................................
  3. 55 views and none replies. Can anybody help please???
  4. UP Does anyone have a clue on what is the problem here? How can I get in touch with corporate support to raise a case or something like that? Kind regards.
  5. Hello everyone, I am using the Remote Administrator Console to manage AV protection, and I enabled email notifications for new threats, now it caughts my attention that I am receiving emails with old alerts, for example: -----Original message----- From: AlertIT Sent: monday, november 4th 2013 6:47 To: NOD32 Subject: Server: CAS Email Nuevo registro de amenazas 2760, Server / Pc000, 2013-09-02 14:25:54 , MYDOMAIN/myaccount, Filtro HTTP, Advertencia, archivo, hxxp://blogtopcms.com/hotlink/pics.php, una variante de Win32/Kryptik.BJKJ Troyano, conexión finalizada - puesto en Cuarentena, Se ha detectado una amenaza accediendo a un sitio de Internet a través de esta aplicación: C:\WINDOWS\Temp\Drwatsonp.exe. I am receiving several emails each week with these old alerts Is there an explanation for this behavior? Thanks in advance!
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