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  1. As per title. BPP used to work in Edge but it no longer re-directs if you start Edge and go to one of the protected sites. I have tried this on 2 different computers, both are similar in that it wont work in Edge but it does work in other browsers. One PC is Windows 10 pro 1909, the other 20H2. These 2 computers are at different locations with different Router/ISPs. Both are running Eset Internet Security with BPP version 1209 I have cleared Edge cache and re-installed Eset but the problem remains. If i open BPP using the desktop icon then i can access protected sites OK. Has a recent update (Windows or Eset) caused an issue? thanks
  2. Marcos, the license is showing up OK in my partner portal, shows an expiry date of July 2019. By what you have said it sounds as though EMS should recognise the license renewal within a day or two as a worst case, so presumably something must be blocking this process for this particular client/device. I have submitted a support request via the UK customer care site.
  3. I'm an Eset reseller and regularly renew clients Eset licenses for windows based devices. This works great in that it requires no action by the user (or by me!). The next time Eset checks for signature updates it picks up the extended date on the license and all is well. I have a single client who uses "Eset Mobile Security Business Edition" on a Blackberry Priv device, (Android Marshmallow i believe) Their license expired on the 1st July, i renewed it on the 9th July however even today the device it still saying the license has expired. So it appears the mobile security app does not pick up the renewed license in the way Windows versions of Eset do. 1. Is this normal? 2. What needs to be done to get the app to recognise the renewed license? We had similar trouble last year and on that occasion we ended up having to re-install Eset which was problematic and worrying. Worrying, becuase at one point i seemed stuck unable to remove the app and i started to wonder if i was going to have to reset the Priv. I'd rather avoid going down this road again if possible, surely this shouldn't be necessary? Note: we do have an Eset Admin mode password set which the user doesn't know, is admin mode required to force the license to update? We also have "uninstallation protection" enabled and Eset is a "Device administrator" should either be relevant. thanks
  4. OK, so i uninstalled EIS and installed EIS 11.1.54 using the live installer and it's now OK. - Thanks Marcos In case it helps anyone i also put in a support request to Eset UK and they told me it can also occur if you have Trusteer Rapport installed. (Commonly pushed by UK banks). The PC i was having trouble with didn't have Rapport but it's worth knowing. They also told me there was a new version of the banking module (version 1333) which might fix the issue but the computer thats now OK is still on 1332.
  5. Hi, I'm an Eset reseller and have various versions of Eset Home & Business products installed over mutiple clients. I too have now seen this issue whereby the Banking & Protection feature interferes with the entry of numbers. The first time i encountered it (EIS / Win10 Pro) the client could not enter numbers into their internet banking site using either the number pad or those at the top of the keyboard. However, i noticed Eset had recently installed an update and was suggesting the PC should be re-started. After doing this the issue was resolved. Last week i installed Eset Internet Security on a Windows 10 Home pc. Immediately the client found they couldnt get into their two banking sites becuase they couldn't get the correct numbers on screen. I assisted via Teamviewer and observed that the 1st number typed woul dbe correct then the 2nd number would appear as "." and from that point on the number appearing on screen was the previous key pressed, for example if the client typed 123456 the characters on screen would be 1.2345. Other observation were the issue occured in Chrome and Internet Explorer but not Edge (because the Eset Banking & Protection doesn't function in Edge). I disabled Banking & Protection and then it worked fine in all browsers. Unfortunately, in this case EIS is claiming it's fully up to date (v10.1.245.0) so i have not been able to resolve it. One final oberservation, if i typed the numbers (via Teamviewer) all was well, so it only seems to effect the local keyboard. What's the story with this issue as it appears to be occuring more often? Why is it happening? Is there a proper fix coming, if so when? Is there any work around other than disabling Banking Protection or using Edge? thanks
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