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  1. Thanks. It's always a pleasure to help.
  2. Eset 7.0.317.4 with Italian localization, inside logs, look like this: I think there is an error. In english the sentence "Errore nell'apertura di" is "Error opening" and it's correct, but in italian it does not have any sense It should be only "Errore nell'apertura di ". In any case, great product!
  3. It appears like it solved the problem, but I'll keep an eye on it! I would like to know what caused the hangs, any chance to find the problem?
  4. I'll do it right now, but I would like to maintain the v6, it uses less Ram memory on my notebook. I'll keep you updated. Thanks.
  5. Hello guys, since I installed Eset Nod32 version 6.0.316.1, my computer hangs on start-up, right after loading Eset service. It stops on the main screen. I think it's a driver fault, but how do I check? Thank you very much.
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