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  1. After contacting support, the issue had to do with the way the tool enumerates the sites in SharePoint. Even if the ESET antivirus for SharePoint Account is a farm Administrator on the SharePoint Farm (and theorically has all the rights to the farm and the central administration), it also needs to be in the Central Administration Site collection Administrators Group for the enumeration to be successful (again, the account has access to the Central Administration). Placing the Eset Account as a secondary Admin on the Central Administration did the trick. Thanks
  2. By the way, outputs for the tools were made on SharePoint 2013 in our labs and results are the same as with the 2010. thanks.
  3. Hello Marcos Here are the output. C:\Windows\system32>SHPIO13.exe displaystructure Web service: Application web de Microsoft SharePoint Foundation, , Web application count: 1 Web App: SharePoint, Online, , Sites count: 2 Site: [hxxp://SHAREPOINTHOST] Webs count: 1 Web: Portail SharePoint, [hxxp://SHAREPOINTHOST] Site: [hxxp://SHAREPOINTHOST/mysites] Webs count: 1 Web: mysites, [hxxp://SHAREPOINTHOST/mysites] Web service: Administration centrale, WSS_Administration, WSS_Administration Web application count: 1 Web App: , Online, ,
  4. Hello I have setup ESET Security for SharePoint Server 6.5.15014 on one of our servers using SharePoint 2010 Enterprise. Due to internal policies, we need to use a different account for the ESET SharePoint Administrator Account than the Farm Admininistrator Account of SharePoint. I have setup an account for ESET with the following rights: Farm Admininistrator Local Server Administrator (after some tests) SYSADMIN on the SQL Server Full Control on all Web Applications User policies Even with all these rights, I have the following warning: "Unable to access
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