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    Nono received kudos from Thomas F. in invalid configuration - unfindable / no details   
    Thanks @MichalJ
    Indeed, I found the "configuration" which is more a "task" to me. The Question / suggestion was more :
    Why the notification send multiple time "configuration failed", when it could easily say : 
    The Client Task "Install EES" failed
    And with eventually the information "Because XXXXX".
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    Nono received kudos from kapela86 in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    For a long LTS, staying on Linux, I would peak Ubuntu LTS which is by far the best choice IMO. I would definitely NOT use Oracle Linux as Oracle isn't known to be a Long Term Free solution (see ZFS, MySQL, Java etc ....).
    On another way, if you're up to go on the unix world, I would definitely looking at free/openBSD 
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