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    Nono received kudos from Thomas F. in invalid configuration - unfindable / no details   
    Thanks @MichalJ
    Indeed, I found the "configuration" which is more a "task" to me. The Question / suggestion was more :
    Why the notification send multiple time "configuration failed", when it could easily say : 
    The Client Task "Install EES" failed
    And with eventually the information "Because XXXXX".
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    Nono received kudos from kapela86 in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    For a long LTS, staying on Linux, I would peak Ubuntu LTS which is by far the best choice IMO. I would definitely NOT use Oracle Linux as Oracle isn't known to be a Long Term Free solution (see ZFS, MySQL, Java etc ....).
    On another way, if you're up to go on the unix world, I would definitely looking at free/openBSD 
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    Nono gave kudos to MichalJ in ESMC (ERA7), EDTD, EEI, Endpoint v.7 Early access is available for evaluation!   
    Yes, that is correct. Policy is "application centric", meaning you can configure only one application using one policy. So you should  have one policy for Endpoints, and one policy for ESET Management Agent, etc ...
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