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  1. I'm just adding a conclusion to that particular issue. So indeed, the original issue was caused by the agent version and the new version solve the issue (tasks are executed ASAP). Concerning my 2nd issue, in order to upgrade my client + agent I have to : 1) Use the ESET Uninstaller tool (and remove everything) 2) Install the new agent 3) Install the new client
  2. It turns out that I still had the "prerelease" link as repository server (due to early access ESMC) Change it to "AUTOSELECT" on Server settings + Agent Policy settings, show me that I should be able to update my version which should solve the issue. I've currently an issue to update both client + agent remotely (aka from ESMC), but I guess I'll have to contact my ESET Representative for that. Current behavior : Updating remotely remove the AGENT, and leave (only) the client out-dated.
  3. @MartinK I usually use the "ESMCAgentInstaller.bat" to install the agent on my endpoint. By editing the script, I've notice this part : set url=hxxp://repository.eset.com/xxx/v7/7.0.553.0/agent_x64.msi set checksum=yyyyyy if defined IsArch_x86 ( set url=hxxp://repository.eset.com/xxx/v7/7.0.553.0/agent_x86.msi set checksum=yyyyy ) if you could provide me the url + checksum for the version 7.0.577.0 I could probably reuse the script with the credentials/cert/IP I already have, isn't it ?
  4. I tried to install it (this one : https://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/business/era/agent/latest/agent_x64.msi ) but got : I can send you the install log (via private message only), but it doesn't contain the IP of my ESMC server (even though I ticked 'keep the current info' during the installation).
  5. It's actually a mix of two : 7.0.2073.0 & 7.0.2073.1 is 7.0.2073 > 7.0.72 ?
  6. I've currently an issue with a Client task which aren't execute on computer not restarted for few days. What I want to achieve: Execute a Batch script every week day at 10AM on our endpoints and execute ASAP the script if the endpoint wasn't reachable/on at 10AM. My issue: Endpoint which aren't restart doesn't get the batch script executed. How I setup (probably wrongly?) the task : This seems to NOT work when the computer goes in hibernation/sleep mode. (no matter if the computer is on at 10 AM, or later). Would this be a bug or an configuration issue ? Many thanks for your help !
  7. Yeah, that's right. Actually, on endpoint, on the log files "Event" section, I was able to see that's the error are coming from the HIPS rules (I wasn't even sure, as the popup didn't specify it).
  8. Description : Having more detail about the "invalid data" Detail: Currently, when we apply some "invalid" rules, despite working partially (I guess to "good rules" are working, but not the "invalid" one), we get the notification popup "User rules file contains invalid data". It's not really helpful to locate which entry may be faulty and which one are not. Would that be possible to get a log files stating which rules (name?) is faulty and even better : why ? It would also help to locate which "data" it's referring to. For instance, "User rules" could lead to several subsection into the rules admin panel (Antivirus, Update, Firewall, etc ...)
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