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  1. You deleted my post? In what way was it inappropriate that I asked why there hasn't been an update to this and why isn't a link yet to the version that on June 10, you said should be here. Two weeks ago now. There was no inappropriate language, personal attacks, factual inaccuracies, or advertising. But, they're still no update here about the release as you said it would be. So I'm guessing that's what's inappropriate? Asking for an update?
  2. I'm an IT engineer of 20 years. My QA teams could have had this tested, based on existing test scripts with some minor adjustments to directly address these bugs, in 24-48 hours for any issue of this limited scope. Unless you haven't been testing previous versions, there were no existing test scripts, and you had to start from scratch, then this should have been complete. I don't need you to supply me with guesses about QA processes that you gleaned from an internal email. I simply need factual updates. That's not complex or unreasonable. So, clearly it was Number 2 of my list. I purchased it directly from ESET. ESET products I have been impressed with. Support forums, not so much.
  3. So, it's STILL not through QA? Did they have to write an entirely new catalog of test scripts?? How do I get a refund? I haven't had a single day's use of the Linux versions. I renewed and updated the same day. This is taking a ridiculously long time to address. QA was already working on it when you posted Thursday, as you said: "It hasn't been thoroughly tested by QA yet...". So either 1.) They're still testing, and it's taking a while because Linux Users aren't a priority, 2.) They're still testing, but updating Linux users of the status isn't a priority, 3.) QA failed it for release, and updating Linux users of that isn't a priority, or 4.) QA hasn't started yet, because Linux users are not a priority. So, which is it? I didn't pay for an untested version that may or may not have all bugs fixed, so "In the mean time, you can download a 64-bit installer from here." is not helpful.
  4. It's not just browsers, which has already been stated in the tickets. Your reply only mentions the proposed fix "didn't notice any issues with browsers". It's also crashing the desktop (cinnamon desktop - linux mint, and others). I hope that is being addressed. The amount of difficulty this has caused me is significant. Do you have any idea how much time it took to isolate this and identify Eset as the issue??
  5. So what is the status on this? I JUST renewed and need a specific and meaningful reply to this within 48 hours, or a refund. Thanks.
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