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  1. Hi Marcos, Thank you for your explanation. We have almost 300 folders under /home. We'd like to exclude few directories, where we do not expect to many changes therefore AV scanning not really needed. Anyway, if that does not work, then we should live with it. Thank you and best regards.
  2. Dear all, We have ESET File Security for Linux/BSD with enabled PAC agent installed on our Linux servers. We definied the directories with option ctl_incl = "" that need to be scanned real time by PAC agent. That works fine. We would like to make exclusion as well. To elaborate the exclusion: We definied for e.g. the /home/ directory to be scanned by PAC agent. We would like to make exclusion for certain files or directories within the /home directory. For e.g., we do not want to scan /home/user/.ssh directory. We tried to make exclusion with PAC option ctl
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