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  1. Description: Auto mark certain actions as resolved Detail: When viewing threats list I see a lot of items marked as "cleaned by deleting" or "connection terminated", I'd like to have these auto categorized as resolved so when I'm scanning for systems with issues i'm only looking at ones that actually had an issue that couldn't be fixed by an auto action.
  2. Is ESMC a replacement for ERA or will work in conjunction with it?
  3. Description: Global variables for notifications Detail: Currently the subject line is very generic static text for example "Threat Notification" we would like to be able to add variables for the information available to both the subject and body of the email. Variables to include would be based on the log type. For example an Antivirus threat would include the following: Computer name, Static Group, Severity, Time of occurrence, Threat type, Threat name, Threat flags, Scanner, Scan log reference, Object type, Object URI, Action performed, Action error, Threat handled, Restart required, User, Process name, Circumstances, Virus signature database, Hash of detected file So that the subject line could be Threat Notification detected for %Computer name% - %static group% And the body of the message can be custom formatted in a way that would be easier to read or parse as opposed to the current method
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