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  1. Unfortunately I already tried that, but when I'm importing the licence my ESMC console returns an error "Failed to add license by license file: Invalid license file provided." (Licence file *.lf was generated for "ESET Mobile device connector" from "https://eba.eset.com" with ESMC server token) I also tried to use "Deactivate Products" on this device but it returned "Product deactivation done. my_device_name - no licenses deactivated"
  2. Yes, it's the MDM component with that alert. I was running activation task using both my licences "ESET Endpoint Security for Windows" and "ESET Endpoint Security for Android" without any success. >This< document states that: "2. Activate ESMC MDC using a Product Activation Client Task. The procedure is the same as when activating any ESET security product on a client computer (a license unit will not be used)." Agent is connecting to the server (attachment).
  3. Hi Everyone, Today I installed MDM Core on the same Linux server as I have ESMC running. Installation was successful, but licence for my server was deactivated and I can't activate it again. Activation task returns "Task finished successfully" but server device still has "Product not activated " problem. I have "ESET Endpoint Security for Windows" and "ESET Endpoint Security for Android" licences connected to my ESMC server by ESET Business Account, It's not a connectivity issue, I can activate licences for any other device, just my server has a problem. I was usi
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