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  1. Thank you for your reply Marcos. However, for some reason the issue seems to have disappeared today: all clients that weren't updating for about a week or so have properly updated their definitions this morning. I have no idea why it didn't work before because as far as I'm aware nothing changed between yesterday and today but I guess that for now the issue can be considered resolved. Should this still change in the future then I'll follow the instructions you gave and send you the logfile you requested. Thanks, Jeroen
  2. We have a local server in our network running version 5.1.34 of the ESET server. This server downloads the virus updates and all clients, running version 5.0.2225.0 of ESET Endpoint Antivirus, in our network download their updates from that server. That all worked just fine until recently: now some clients fail to download the update from the server, while it is still working for some other clients. There is no real difference between the clients (all are running the same version of Windows 8.1 with all latest updates). In fact: on one of the clients everything was still working properly this
  3. Additional update: I think I solved the problem: it was the firewall on the server. Once I opened port 2222 both the server and its clients started to appear. I should have thought of that before
  4. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work for me. I'm actually not seeing that any of my clients are connected to the server when I check that server side. However, clients are able to pull virus definition updates from the server succesfully (I have set up the server to act as a mirror server for all clients in our local network) and I have enabled 'Remote administration' on each client (using the default interval of 10 minutes to connect to the server). However, if I look at the server it doesn't see any client (I have a license for 25 clients in it says that I still have licenses left for 25
  5. Hi, I installed an ESET server on a Windows Server 2012 machine and I also installed the ESET Remote Administrator. I am able to connect to that server with the remote administrator console, but when I'm connected to the server it does not appear in the server list pane so I can also not see any clients that would be connected to the server. It is my understanding that the first server you are connected to with the remote administrator console should always automatically appear in the server list pane, but in my case that pane just says 'No data in this pane'. Any idea what I should do
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