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  1. So I currently have multi-device security for 5 devices and I can't fault it at all, but is there a way I can use Smart Security Premium on two Windows PCs instead of Internet Security? Current setup is 3 phones and 2 PCs but the password manager + data encryption would be very useful. The alternative would be buying smart security for two PCs and 3 mobile licenses separately which would be quite expensive. If not then it's not a deal breaker, but would definitely be nice even if it is more money.
  2. When I try to open Banking & Payment Protection with Brave as my default browser nothing happens, Brave uses Chromium so I thought it would be compatible just like Chrome.
  3. An FP can be fatal, system files for one and when AVs decide to detect themselves which can happen (and is quite funny). In a real-world situation you will not get hundreds or thousands of files randomly on your desktop and then execute them, you get them from websites, email, removable media, etc. and an AV could stop the file even downloading or being copied onto your machine.
  4. Those tests mean nothing to me, I know some happy clickers but I don't know any who got a thousand malware samples on their desktop. These tests bypass many layers of security solutions and simply test file system protection. Yes, Windows Defender is improving and yes it's a good thing that users who would never install an AV have Windows Defender running in the background offering basic protection. The problem is the performance, the bugs and how easy it is to disable like seriously, one UAC prompt a user clicks unknowingly and Windows Defender is disabled (and that's if you have UAC Always On which most don't). I'm glad that Microsoft are upping their game and making Windows more secure out of the box than it has ever been, but a multi billion dollar company could do so much better... When I reinstall Windows and Windows Defender is enabled it feels like my gaming PC is a 10 year old laptop, you don't understand the difference I feel when I disable it via group policy and install ESET.
  5. You can turn off scheduled and on-charger scans, when it says it's scanning the system, do you see what it's scanning or any progress or anything?
  6. Are you using the latest version? I'm no expert, but I believe it only scans the system (all files on your phone) if it's set to in-depth, and an in-depth scan takes me around 20 seconds.
  7. Downloaded the first sample with very few detections on VT and ESET picked it up as JS/TrojanDropper.Agent.NQS and the second link shows that ESET already detects it. Don't forget that ESET Advanced Memory Scanner would likely detect it as soon as it decloaked in memory.
  8. My biggest issue with other AVs is how damn heavy they are, and Windows Defender being on of the worst. It scans everything like an AV from the 90s and completing a full scan on an M.2 SSD takes an eternity. ESET is light, powerful and full of features - you can't even feel it. I could rant about Bugdefender but I guess I'll leave it at that.
  9. Looks like a software activator which lots of vendors wrongly detect as malicious, it's a PUA at best. Those VirusTotal results look pretty negative but look at the amount with the same detection names - many share the same engine.
  10. Reinstalling Windows 7 would be a real pain compared to Windows 10 for example but the system file checker may help you. Take a look at this or this on Microsoft Answers.
  11. Now that's interesting, I have no updates in the Play Store and even ESET says that it's up-to date but I'm on version
  12. Can confirm that I've had to enable it manually and haven't seen it enable automatically.
  13. Don't forget that there's other factors that you need to consider, just because ESET doesn't have a zero-day in its signatures there's LiveGrid, HIPS, Firewall and other layers in which it could dynamically detect malware.
  14. Always take tests like these with a grain of salt, one day one AV could be first and the next day it could be another. Don't forget that tweaking the settings of any AV could massively improve its detection.
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