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  1. Thanks TomFace. All's running 'fine after yet another reboot. I had been running Windows 10 for a few weeks with ESET working fine, unitl this update. I always advise people to re-boot, maybe I should I have done that agian before panicking.
  2. When I got up this morning my computer was updating with the latest Windows 10 update. After the reboot Eset smart securutiy 8 gave me the following error message 'Error comunicating with kernel'. If I click on the eset icon on the windows 10 tool bar I see the green tick saying that protection is activated. If I try to load the main gui, I get the gui, but only the outlinee, there is nothing inside. Then 'eset gui is restarting' then 'error communicatig with kernel'. I tried re-installing eset from the website, but this failed giving me a message that I shoud run an advanced cleaner a
  3. Is it possible to remote wipe my stolen computer using ESET anti-theft? I've reported the break-in to police and changed all passwords etc but I still don't like the idea of someone else using my pc. The screenshots I've received appear to show that she's managed to put a new user account on it. Thanks
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