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  1. This is my solution: 1.Downgrade MYSQL driver to 5.3 on my old Era Server 2. Backup database. 3. Install new Era and pull database from other server. Thanks
  2. i should do this in my new ERA after migraton or before migration on my old era?
  3. Hello, after migration and configuration my ERA in console i see error 2537: Error ocurred while preparing database upgrade '/root/eset_installers/Server.sh --skip-license --locale='en-US' --db-driver='MySQL ODBC 8.0 Unicod$ solution?
  4. I uncheck everything with mysql update, so it will not solve my problem
  5. Hi, after update package in webmin I can't login to domain in era eset - Login failed: Invalid username or password. I can login only with root password. When i try rejoin to my domain i have this: Failed to join domain: Failed to find DC for domain - Undetermined error. Before update everything is ok. Server version: 6.5.417.0
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