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  1. No, not working. Data and location services are definitely switched on, I have checked multiple times. The phone is on 4G all the time. This is a Sony Xperia Z3 compact; it has all updates applied and has been fully reset in recent weeks. There is also something very weird going on. There are two child devices, both are recording time usage by app, etc. OK. On the Sony one the location tracking is very unreliable, works occasionally but very intermittent. On the second one (Motorola) I keep getting spurious requests for extra time, I saw three last night while the phone was not even being used, I was sat looking at it charging on the bench. Below is what I was seeing on my phone (parent version ) last night for the Sony: That makes me think there is something wrong at account level, maybe? I sent a support request via the app from my own phone last night, you can get the logs files from that.
  2. I have parental control installed on my 2 kids phones. The location tracker is not working on one at all, every time I try to use it it fails and eventually says there is a server problem. For some reason I get a request for extra time from the other phone even though that has not been requested.
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