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  1. Now, I see 'last run' in the scheduler on the client (my machine); however, when I go to Tools>Logs and view Computer Scan, I don't see anything. I also do not see it when I go to the RA, and view data for scans on my machine (I am plugged in and not on battery). I've attached a PDF with images showing this. I do not see any animation with the systray icon right after booting up. I see the splash screen (even though I have it set to not show in the default policy), and the icon pops up into the systray ESET Client.pdf
  2. Is there a way to see a log of this? I do see the task in the scheduler on the client and see the 'last run time'
  3. How would I go about setting up a Startup Scan via ERA? I'd like to have a startup scan to of course kick off at boot-up time, and if I could set it to simply scan operating memory, boot sector, C:\Windows (and subfolders) We are currently on a trial license and I'm quite new to the admin console. Thanks and Have a Great Weekend All
  4. DUH - Makes sense once I look at it. Guess I need more caffeine. Thanks
  5. Hello All, I've been a long time user of Eset Nod32 on my own systems. At work is a different story. Our current AV product; well, it leaves some to be desired. So, I have convinced powers that be, to give Eset a try. We are currently in a trial license. Anyway - We are using Eset Endpoint AV and I have the Remote Admin up and running. Updates are working so.... What I would like to get configured is an automatic scan of removable media upon connection. I know how to manually set it from the client side; however, cannot find it within the RA default policy. Could someone point me to the correct spot? Thanks
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