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  1. Hi Marcos, thank you for your reply, the problem is not files destroying, the problem is the SD card became not showing / not detected by any computer or camera i attached here scanning of the log file of the process which was in 16/02/2018
  2. Hi, hope you are well, I works on the photographing of the wildlife through camera traps. the camera records 138 videos in 3 months. some of videos were "unable to open". before i copied these videos to my computer, i scanned the memory card. Threatened viruses have been detected, but unfortunately the scanned made the SD card hidden or destroyed ( not showing at any camera or computer). i tried to repair the SD card to get / recover the important videos but to no avail. I think the ESET caused the memory to not showing please, how can i solve this problem to recover the important videos Best Regard Mohammed Yemen
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