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  1. I needed to renew my ESET Antivirus and found a great price on eBay. The emailed key I received activated and had a 10-year expiration date. That seemed odd, but since the ESET server authenticated the key, I figured it must be some kind of multi-device license. However, a few weeks later my ESET Antivirus reported that its license was invalid. I contacted the eBay seller and he sent me another license key. This one also validated but was for 3 years, not 10, but I only had paid $9.99 so I was okay with that. I talked with ESET USA Support (email and phone) about unofficial licenses and t
  2. Thanks rugk and SweX for all the help. I have ordered the boxed version from NewEgg and it is on its way. I'm now confident that it will properly activate in December 2015.
  3. Thanks for the links to the similar discussion from last year. I had tried searching the forum for such a discussion, but sometimes the keywords to use are not obvious and the ones I did use did not give me what I wanted. I know that worst-case I would be out the $3,99 shipping cost, but it does look like all I will have to do is wait until my current license expires in Dec 2015 and install the year-old unopened NOD32 2015 version and activate it using the information in the retail box. I don't know if it will cause any issues if I use the same email for both licenses, but it shouldn't since t
  4. Available for "free after rebate" from NewEgg for Black Friday. Only cost is $3.99 shipping. hxxp://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16832114059 The model number of EAVH-N1-3-1-RBX-2015 and the existence of a shipping cost implies it is a boxed version.
  5. I am buying from NewEgg, an online store. The product is in retail packaging and will come via shipping, not download. In this case, is the license activated upon installation and first registration, even if a year later, or is it still activated via an email from NewEgg?
  6. I am currently running NOD32 V7. I have a chance to buy NOD32 2015 at a substantial discount right now, but my current license doesn't expire until December 2015. Can I just hang on to the new software (or the downloaded file) and not install it until a year from now instead of renewing my current license at that time? Also, what is the difference between NOD32 V7, NOD32 V8 and NOD32 2015?
  7. Thanks for the help. It's good to know that the offline installer contains a database. When I get a new PC, I always uninstall all the pre-installed crapware and related leftover folders, drivers, files and registry entries. I wish the PC makers would make the inclusion of the crapware optional, but they probably get a royalty for each machine shipped out with it, so that's not going to happen. I considered making my own PC, but Dell sells them cheaper than a DIY equivalent and you get one year of service in case a component goes bad. You also get some slight assurance that the system was
  8. Yes, I was referring to the Virus Signature Database. I do plan on downloading and using the offline installer. Does it already contain a VSD database?
  9. Thanks for your prompt replies. To keep from being exposed while downloading the initial virus definition database, is there a way I can download them first to my old PC, then transfer them to the new PC before I connect it to the Internet? The new Dell PC comes with McAfee, but I intend to uninstall it before installing NOD32 AV on it.
  10. I am changing out my XP (32-bit) desktop PC to a new Windows 7 (64-bit) PC. I currently have a licensed copy of NOD32 Antivirus on the XP machine that I want to transfer to the new PC. I know I can just install NOD32 AV on the new PC and uninstall it from the old PC, but system transfers aren't typically immediate. I expect to keep the old PC active for at least a month as I transfer data, software and hardware from it. Shouldn't I be able to simply accomplish this by installing the NOD32 AV 7 (Win-7 64-bit) Trial on the new Windows 7 PC and when my 30 days are almost up, uninstall NOD32 A
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