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    NoMayo received kudos from alur in Endpoint Security Anti phishing non functional   
    I'm waiting on the module update for the v5 systems.  I was able to upgrade about 25,000 of our endpoints to 5.0.2272.7 successfully, but still have 600+ devices being difficult with the inline upgrade. 
    This is not good guys.  
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    NoMayo gave kudos to cookieboy69 in Endpoint Security Anti phishing non functional   
    I have a really weird problem. I have Endpoint Security 6.5.2132.1 installed on a Windows 10 PC. I turned PC on this morning and got an error Anti phishing non-functional. The only option I had was to Disable Permanently, I couldn’t enable it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program, but still got the same error. I even resorted to re-formatting the hard drive and Installing Windows 10 again. I then installed Endpoint Security. I wasn’t connected to Wi-Fi, so not activated, but to my amazement I had the same problem with Anti phishing non-functional.  How can this be? In the end I uninstalled Endpoint and installed Eset Security and this works fine 
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