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  1. I don't see the file size, all you could have done is scanned the default Microsoft file. Had you bothered appending BOTH SBS&D and MVPS?! Not to mention the address' they point to? Neither SBS&D or MVPS change the address' to, they leave them to point to, already stated I have a script to change the address' upon system cycles after each file update. Edit: Had not mentioned SpywareBlaster appending their data to the hosts file. So it's SBS&D, MVPS, and SpywareBlaster appending to the hosts file.
  2. You can download the hosts file from both SBS&D and MVPS. I have gone through the entire hosts file. Each address points to, exlcuding the loopback address My systems are not infected period. End of story.
  3. This is an annoyance. I've encountered issues with NOD32 flagging the hosts file as the following: Please update your application. There is nothing malicious included in the hosts file. I have several systems, including other relatives systems, setup to download and update hosts file via Spybot Search & Destroy and the MVPS Hosts file on each schedule system restart, as well change all address', excluding the loopback address, to to minimize the hosts file size and eliminate the cpu (100%) usage. The main reason for setting address' within the hosts file to, and not going into explicit detail, is to minimize the file space from nearly over 5-10mb to 1mb. If thousands of address' were pointing to the loopback address of the system will check the address on the local machine and will eventually give up, whereas it will explicitly block the site with no checks.
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