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  1. Hello everyone, I would like to report that I received an e-mail from ESET after submitting the site in question. The site has now been unblocked and I no longer receive any complaints from ESET. Thanks for all the suggestions and recommendations. Although I did not have to use them as ESET put the URL on their whitelist, it will come in most useful in the future. Sincerely, ~Dustyn~
  2. Hi Arakasi, Thanks so much for the prompt reply. It's much appreciated! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of "protocol filtering" with "web exceptions". When I was setting up ESET I went through all the advanced options, and I now do recall seeing something like this. When I regain access to this specific computer I will report back with my findings. I also reported the URL and HOSTS file to ESET for a second reexamination to be sure as I would like to understand why it's being blocked? If it checks out, perhaps they can add it to a whitelist? Thanks again! ~Dustyn~
  3. Good evening, After installing the latest version of ESET Smart Security 7.0.302.26 I'm having some difficulties with using HostsMan 4.3.98. Since HostsMan downloads and modifies the HOSTS file in the system32 directory by populating it with blocked URLs, I can understand why ESET may flag this as suspicious activity. One of my HOST source URLs are being blocked/filtered by ESET from downloading? SOURCE: HOSTSFILE.MINE.NU DIRECT URL: hxxp://www.hostsfile.mine.nu/Hosts.zip Also, my HOSTS file is not being properly updated/modified with the any other new downloaded HOST additio
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