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  1. Same here. One of the applications I use for a long time obviously tries to validate a letsencrypt certificate via OCSP. Looks like a false entry has made it to the internal ESET blacklist.
  2. Hi Marcos, thanks for your quick response. If you go to https://www.eset.com/de/home/antivirus/download/, WHS2011 is not listed as a supported OS. Please see attached screenshot. Furthermor I was a little bit worried, as the installation on WHS2011 went from 0% to 100% three times, sometimes showing "rollback". The installer also complained about Windows Defender being installed. This did not bother the installer on Windows 10, neither the previous NOD32 v13 on WHS2011. Furthermore I had to enter my license key after the upgrade whereas on Windows 10 I did not have to.
  3. Good afternoon, I know Windows Home Server 2011 is outdated and EOL. Nevertheless, I run in in my controlled home environment just for Backup purposes. While I was installing the latest EAV NOD32 release v14.0.21.0 to my Windows 10 machines, I also upgraded from v13.2.18.0 on my WHS 2011. Took a little bit longer, but finally finished without problems. It was only then, when I realised that WHS 2011 is no longer in the list of supported OS for NOD32 v14. Do you recommend to roll back to v13 on WHS2011 or is it OK to have v14 running? Thanks, Heiko
  4. From what I can tell from this post, this event occurs on various machines and various configurations. Obviously disabling self-defense makes it go away. Thus, there seems to be problem with the self-defense mechanism in I assume this can be easily reproduced in a developer's test environment. At least I am not an beta tester for NOD32...
  5. But obviously, it (or another part of 11.1.42) does not work correctly. Otherwise there won't be errors in the eventlog. I can find these on my Windows 7, Windows 10 and WHS2011 boxes. So, are these being looked into for fixing?
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