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  1. Given the sparse changelog I would say it's a mission critical update. I would just do a standard rollout.
  2. I thought it'd be something like that, as if it's done through the console (ie agent upgrade followed by rollout from the repo) it works fine. Thanks for the investigation though
  3. UPDATE: Ran the Uninstaller Tool, Then had to manually uninstall everything by following the instructions here: https://support.eset.com/kb6007/?locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US Rebooted, and it works fine! Thanks everyone for the time and advice
  4. Hi, I've got one Windows Server 2012r2 that is failing in its upgrade from v6.5 to v.7.x. The problem seems to happen during the Management Agent portion of the install, and fails every time with the Error Code: MSI.8257588. The specialized cleaner doesn't work. I've uninstalled everything, rebooted, and it still fails. I've then removed all trace of the software using the ESET Safe Mode Uninstaller Tool, but still nothing. Has anyone else had this situation? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  5. Hi CMS, Try 'eraadmin' without the '' as this is the default account, but this should have been changed during the initial set up.
  6. "Are you running Windows 10" and "Is Fast Boot on?" should be way higher up the list of questions. Turning FB off has sorted a wave of issues in my shop.
  7. Unfortunately I'm not at a computer with access to the Remote Administrator at the moment, but I suggest installing that and then releasing policies to your clients. There is a built in policy for silent install/running I believe.
  8. Haha we did exactly the same. To resolve it, we basically set ESET into silent mode on endpoints, and that it doesn't pop up on the users screen so that it only alerts us if anything critical happens. Then within the Remote policies on Remote Admin, we set it to not warn us about things such as intermittent connections, or that Windows Defender was reporting it as not working when it was, that Windows wasn't up to date yet etc. Much easier and cleaner for us, and also means you can do scans in the background with minimal bother to the user.
  9. Hi MusicWallaby, if I can add my two cents, it's an error by design. The product will need to be connected to an update source to get its updates, as it's the updates that ultimately define how secure the software is. Within the settings is an option to either connect it to a mirror/proxy combination that can distribute the updates on a closed network. The preferred way is to download the latest definitions, put them on a usb device, and then tell a mirror/proxy computer to look for updates that are on a USB, and then distribute them among the closed network. I'm sure there is a way within the settings to not alert you to this, but it's critical that your product gets updates.
  10. As the title suggests, is there any way to add the Mobile Device Connector/Manager role to our existing ERA Server appliance? Or do we have to spin up another VM and link the both? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi Michael, Is this still the expected change? If so do you know approx when this is coming?
  12. Hi Peter, Can you please sign me up as well? We have a test OU of computers/mobiles/tablets that I'd like to test the upcoming changes on. Do you know if this version has the cleaning PUAs by default, without alerting the end user?
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